Gender and Domestic Labour

Paulina Sliwa and I wrote a paper called ‘Gendered Affordance Perception and Unequal Domestic Labour’ that attracted broad attention in the media. Below are links to some of the interviews and newspaper articles:

Videos of my Talks

In collaboration with CCIR (The Cambridge Centre for International Research) I’ve given several online talks at secondary schools across the world. I’ve also recorded a session on business ethics that includes an interview with Founding Director of Nigel Hughes about the challenges of ethical film production. These videos are also available online:


  • Philosophy Takes on the News – special episode on the ethics of watching the Qatar 2022 Men’s Football World Cup with Simon Kirchin, Lucy O’Brien, Martin O’Neill and Gerald Lang
  • Philosophy Takes on the Newsdiscussion of current affairs after the death of Queen Elizabeth II with Simon Kirchin, Julian Baggini and Graeme Forbes
  • Philosophy Now radio show – debate on consciousness with Philip Goff and Grant Bartley

Short Written Pieces