Dr Tom McClelland is lecturer in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. His research covers a range of topics across philosophy, psychology and art. His current focus is on how we develop and deploy our skills, and on how those skills affect our experience of the world.

Tom offers Management Training and Professional Development services that apply research from philosophy and psychology to the world of business. He can be hired independently or via the professional development start-up outstanding.global. Outstanding Global help you to achieve an inclusive mindset, promoting inclusivity and innovation in the workplace.

Philosophy is a powerful driving force behind innovation, improvement and discovery.  It can help you be a better problem solver. Inspire your creative thinking. Guide your ethical and environmental policies. Fire up your leadership potential and skill. Philosophy will make you ask the questions no-one else is asking!

Tom McClelland can help your business in four key areas:

Skill Development and Deployment

Conceptual Innovation

Analytic Problem Solving

Business Ethics and Inclusivity