I offer consultancy and management training driven by research in philosophy and psychology. If you’re interested in the services I can offer contact me individually at tom [dot] mcclelland57 [at] gmail [dot] com or get in contact through Outstanding Global here to discuss how the team can help. I specialise in four main areas:

Conceptual Innovation

Progress requires innovation. In the 21st Century, innovation is more often about developing new ways of thinking than it is about developing new physical products. Philosophers are conceptual innovators, and we can learn a great deal from the best philosophers about how to become better conceptual innovators ourselves. Innovation requires us to ask why?. By systematically challenging our assumptions, and the assumptions of those around us, we open the way to radical business innovations.

Skill Development and Deployment

Your skills are what give you the edge over your competition. All of us have skills, but very few of us understand how our skills work. Cutting-edge research in philosophy and psychology can help you. By achieving a deeper understanding of your own skills, you’ll be in a better position to identify what skills you have, deploy those skills more effectively and nurture new skills in yourself and others.


Trust is the cornerstone of any good business. But do we really know who to place our trust in and how to inspire trust in others? Do we even understand what trust is? By gaining a richer understanding of trust you can improve your professional relationships and create a more trusting workplace.

Business Ethics

In a post-covid world, the way we think about business ethics is changing. To stay ahead of the crowd, you have to re-evaluate what it means to be a responsible and sustainable business. Philosophers specialise in unpicking ethical dilemmas. I teach the best strategies for confronting ethical problems and optimising sustainability. I also show you how philosophy can help you incorporate an ethical perspective into every aspect of your business practice.