I’m a Philosophy Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. My previous post was a three-year research project at the University of Warwick on the topic of mental skills. As a philosopher, my work demands analytic problem solving and creative conceptual innovation. I’m interested in how the methods and principles used by philosophers can be applied in the business world.

My journey in philosophy started out at Clare College Cambridge where my eyes were opened to the intellectual power of philosophical enquiry. I went on to complete a Masters at the University of York and a PhD at the University of Sussex. I then spent a year as a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, then 3-years as a researcher on the ‘Architecture of Consciousness Project’ at the University of Manchester. I then ran my own research project at Warwick, funded my the Leverhulme Foundation.

I have a wide range of publications in leading academic periodicals, and have presented my research at numerous national and international events. I’ve taken philosophy to the wider world through school engagement workshops, radio broadcast and public debate.

Beyond philosophy, I do voluntary work protecting the natural environment of my small village in Suffolk. This involves everything from trimming trees in the rain to developing local planning policy.

Here are links to my various academic pages:

My research project profile

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And here’s a link to my CV:

McClelland CV